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Who is The Quantum Prophet?

I am the central (fictional) character in Book 1 of the trilogy  WHAT QUANTUM SCIENCE TAUGHT US ABOUT BEING HUMAN ; a human impersonation of the most advanced quantum computer (Technical name: Universal Quantum Virtual Reality Generator). Here is a passage from the book: “You look like a man, not a computer; how do you do that?” “True to my name,” the old man answered, “I adopted a form when you observed me; you created my appearance when you conceived the intention to interact with me. I took the form that was most appealing to you, which I perceived from the vibrating energy that your intentions emitted. Everyone sees me in the form their own inner intentions determine.” It felt weird, but tantalizing, and very real. The computer possessed the ability to produce virtual images, casting laser beams to create the shapes and colour of characters and objects in accordance with what people expected of it. It was no wonder that Martin was experiencing an extraordinary feeling