Following the teachings of the Quantum Prophet, Book 2 explains that a person is in reality a quantum system. Together, we all make our ‘collective-consciousness’ – Homo sapiens – which is also a quantum system in itself. When we think, our thoughts change the state of our collective-consciousness, and the result is that the wishes imbedded in these thoughts increase the possibility of being granted.

"In essence, to observe a thing is to create the thing being observed.” - Fred Alan Wolf

But how do we construct the events in our lives?

Book 2 explains that our intentions assemble ‘templates-of-reality’ in the invisible quantum world of potentialities. These templates are what quantum physicists call ‘wavefunction possibilities’; the more we think a thought the higher the chance that the wish will come true.

How does this happen?

Quantum mechanics taught us that you can only divide time to a certain point – a quantum. After that, something extraordinary happens; there is a quantum jump, a window that connects us with the ‘world of potentialities’, from where we bring things into the physical world that we sense. At every quantum jump we transform potentiality into reality (Physicists call this, ‘the collapse of the wavefunction’).

The quantum world of potentialities is therefore our ‘existential home’. Throughout history philosophers identified this ethereal world. Plato called it ‘the world of pure ideas’, Descartes ‘the soul’, and Kant ‘the noumena’ (where the intrinsic laws of nature exist). Regardless of how we call it, this is our incorporeal dimension; it is from here that with our thoughts we generate events in our lives.

Quantum science taught us that in this ‘world of potentialities’ time doesn’t run, and we exist in many different ‘potential copies’. In some copies we are rich and famous whereas in other copies we are poor and frail; when we think we increase the possibility of one of these ethereal copies to become real.


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